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announced, we're going to have, we hope, the beginning of a debate on the increase of the federal minimum wage. mr. president, millions -- millions of american workers will be watching how each senator votes today. to them, it is a matter of survival. they'll be observing to see if we ensure a full-time worker in america receives a livable wage. and for republicans, this vote will demonstrate whether they truly care about our economy. republicans have fashioned themselves over the years as defenders of the economy. congressional republicans have told the american people they are the party of jobs and financial prosperity. how illogical then that the senate republicans today will be not supportive of legislation to increase the minimum wage. what's preventing my republican colleagues from giving american
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workers a livable wage? a fair shot, knowing that 75% of the american people support increasing the minimum wage? if americans are searching for an answer, why they would refuse to raise the minimum wage. they should look no further than the republicans' billionaire benefactors -- i repeat, billionaire be benefactors, the koch brothers. yesterday the americans for prosperity -- only one of the koch-funded organizations -- instructed republicans in done vote against the minimum-wage increase. they said, we're going to score this vote. what does that mean? it means if you vote "yes," you're not going to get the help of charlie and dave. they want a "no" vote. that will make charlie and dave happy. just in case any of their followers in the senate were to
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experience a change of heart and be inclined to vote for an increase, the organizations vote that they will really go after these people. again, i repeat, "score the vote." in other words, when it comes time for the koch brothers to play the role of santa claus, republicans should know that charles and david are making a list and checking it twice -- probably more than that. so even though 75% of americans support this legislation and our economy will profit from a wage increase, it is not a priority for the republican colleagues. today former governor poe lenty, considered by many people the last election cycle to be the right person for the republicans to nominate for president, he came outer toda out today strond
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said, i'm not afraid of the koch brothers. i believe the minimum wage should be increased. our republican colleagues should listen to this respected republican leader. to add to the republicans' theater of the absurd, the house of representatives budget committee is holding a hearing today on poverty in america. how about that. you'll recall that paul ryan ran for vice president. he was part of the ticket that labeled 47% of americans as moochers, not deserving republicans' attention. moochers, mr. president. representative paul ryan has called struggling americans "takers." taking into account his well-documented disdain of americans trying to help their fathers i'm anxious to hear how he plans to era eradicate pover, in that he considers them takers and moochers.
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maybe he'll need to check with the koch brothers first, as did he with his recent budget proposal. senate democrats are doing something. we continue to propose meaningful legislation like this minimum wage that gives american families a fair shot at prosperity. the republicans filibustered extended unemployment benefits. they filibustered giving women the right to make the same amount of money as men. my daughter, why should she get 77 cents when someone doing the same job she does who is a man gets $1? it is unfair. but they filibustered that. so we're going to continue to propose meaningful legislation. senate republicans assert that increasing the minimum wage will not help working families. that assertion is not only wrong, mr. president, it's -- it makes no sense. no sense. it's illogical. 28 million americans stand to
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benefit from an increase in the minimum wage. i repeat, about 10% of all americans stand to gain from the legislation before this body we're goin.and we're going to ve if we can begin debate later today. almost two-thirds -- i'm sorry, almost 75% of small businesses support raising the minimum wage. why? it creates more business for them much it's good for the economy. so the assertion that boosting the minimum wage would hurt businesses, again, is wrong and it is illogical. researchers at the federal -- at the chicago federal reserve bank have found consumer spending increases, yes, increases dramatically following a minimum-wage hike and businesses reap the benefits of a minimum-wage increase. that's what these experts said.
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this minimum wage legislation is good for american workers, businesses, and the commitment of but, mr. president, republicans refuse to even allow us to debate the issue, signaling instead their intention to filibuster the minimum wage legislation, as they have filibustered virtually everything the president suggested during the past five years. when it comes to helping working-class families, republicans in washington are echoing what the republican leader declared last week in kentucky: it is not my job to create jobs. well, it is his job. it's their job, the republicans. it's my job. it is the job of i.f.r of everyf congress to do everything we can to create jobs. that's why in addition to raising the minimum wage, which will create jobs, we believe there should be something done about infrastructure, creating tens of thousands of jobs. so badly needed. so today we have an opportunity to help our hardworking
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constituents from sea to shining sea, mr. president, and show theme this we're a-- and show them that we're attentive to their needs. i ask my colleagues to join us, join governor pawlenty, that americans deserve a livable wage. at the end of the day, our job is to give every american worker a fair shot to provide forthe pt objection. mr. mcconnell: i'd luke to start this morning by reit read -- this morning by reading an excerpt from a memo by gene sperling to president clinton t relates it a minimum wage proposal similar to the one we're considering today. here's what he wrote: "your entire economic team believes that this approach is too aggressive and are concerned that it could approve damaging to employment prospects of low-skilled workers, as well as to the general microeconomic
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performance of our economy." bue memo noted there was a plus side to supporting the proposal. it would unify the liberal wing of the democratic party. well, today feels like deja vu all over again because even though our constituents keep telling us that they expect washington to focus on jobs, that's clearly not what they're getting from the senate. instead senate democrats are pushing legislation today that would cost as many as a million jobs in this country, legislation that the left flank of their party demands. that's their response to the pleas of our constituents to do something about jobs. the proposal that nonpartisan analysts tells us could cost jobs. these are the same washington democrats who have been at the helm of our economy for five and a half years, the same ones who
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have been bragging about recovery for the past four. we learned this morning the economy grew by just .1%. .1%. so i can assure you that if this is the democrats' idea of a recovery, the people in my state at least aren't terribly impressed. they're ready for new ideas. they're ready to turn the page from the liberal play book that just hasn't worked. it's clearer every day that the d.c. liberal establishment is completely out of ideas. i mean, they don't even pretend to be serious about jobs anymore. the clearest proof of that is today's vote on a bill that could cost about 17,000 jobs in kentucky alone and potentially as many as a million nationwide. but senate democrats don't seem to care. they don't seem to care that about six in ten americans oppose a bill like this if --
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if -- it means losing hundreds of thousands of american jobs. before washington democrats true focus these days seems to be making americans happy, not helping the middle class. they seem to think they can coast on stale ideas and the american people haven't been paying attention to their recent dismal record at helping the people they claim to care about. they seem to think people won't notice that time and time and time again that they have ended up making things harder for people they claim they want to help. but the american people see through that game. it's crystal clear from new polling that we've seen this week. people realize the washington liberal establishment is just out of energy and out of ideas. and if they didn't realize it before this year, they got confirmation of it when senate democratsff

Senator Susan Collins on Minimum Wage
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Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) urges a compromise for the minimum wage increase.

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